Deep House Party Mix

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Deep House Party Mix

Deep House Party Mix

DJ Prodigee

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Deep House Party Mixtape Creation

DJ Prodigee created Deep House Party Mixtape in response to a prompt from a fellow DJ. DJ Jake Brice challenged him to set out and create a project outside his normal genres of Caribbean and Hip Hop/R&B Genres. Drawing from the soulful rhythms of Deep House music, DJ Prodigee fell in love with the soothing synthesizers. While creating this mixtape, DJ Prodigee went through hundreds of songs looking for the best tracks. As a result, he was able to put together a list of tracks that really complimented each other. Consequently the entire project, flowed like one melodic rollercoaster. In the end, with fairly few mistakes, he was able to bring together a really great project.

Deep House Party Mixtape


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