03 August 2019

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New Spotify For Artists Feature: Artist to Upload Music Directly in Beta

What new Spotify for Artist feature are you talking about? On September 20th, 2018, streaming giant Spotify announced that they will be allowing artists to upload music directly via Spotify for Artists. Currently in beta, Spotify aims to make the process much simpler for artists to get their music out ...

27 May 2019

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Email Etiquette For Dummies (I Mean Artists)

Email Etiquette For Dummies (I Mean Artists) If you’ve read my previous article “Email Marketing: Why Every Artist Needs to Implement It” we talked about email marketing. In this article I want to talk about email etiquette. Far too often do we in the industry receive emails with written with ...

13 May 2019

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Scratching the Surface Podcast Feat. DJ Prodigee

Check out DJ Prodigee as he is interviewed on the Scratching the Surface video podcast hosted by DJ Smoove J. The Scratching the Surface podcast is a podcast aimed at interviewing veteran DJs in an effort to provide advice and mentorship to up and coming DJs in the entertainment industry. ...

07 January 2019

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Radio Edit: What Makes a Good One

In the radio industry, far too many times do we receive music that isn’t edited for radio. Riddled with expletives, overt drug references, overly sexual innuendoes, and/or offensive speech, which we can’t broadcast due to the Federal Communication Commissions.  Mind you, a lot of the music is good, some are ...

29 October 2018

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New Playlist Submission Feature at Spotify

 What is Spotify’s New Playlist Submission Feature Back in July, Spotify announced via their blog, that they were in beta testing of a new service that allows artists to submit unreleased music directly to Spotify’s editorial teams for playlist consideration. Read more on that here “Share New Music for ...

20 August 2018

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Hip Hop DJ Prodigee

There’s no way you can speak about San Diego hip-hop DJs without bringing DJ Prodigee into the conversation. As one of San Diego’s hottest hip-hop DJs, DJ Prodigee arms himself with an extensive musical knowledge and versatility. He accredits this to his early fascination with hip-hop. He mixes from his ...

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