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There’s no way you can speak about San Diego hip-hop DJs without bringing DJ Prodigee into the conversation.

As one of San Diego’s hottest hip-hop DJs, DJ Prodigee arms himself with an extensive musical knowledge and versatility. He accredits this to his early fascination with hip-hop. He mixes from his heart and soul which creates a soundscape that tells a story. DJ Prodigee is a hip-hop DJ capable of mixing different styles of hip-hop from various eras.

DJ Prodigee has been creating unique hip-hop mixes for over a decade. He performs regularly at popular spots in San Diego such as Bassmnt Nightclub. With over 20 years of being a musician, DJ Prodigee has developed a great sense of dynamism in his sound. This entails a distinct ability to mix a diverse range of tracks that are tactfully selected to suit any given moment or event. His mixes take the partygoer on a roller coaster of timeless emotions, via an electrifying dance floor journey of exciting peaks and deep, cerebral lows.

In hip-hop, a real DJ has the power to control the room with mind-altering selections. DJ Prodigee has made a career out of breaking records and keeping the crowd turnt with every mix.

Check out the shows DJ Prodigee will be performing Labor Day 2018. You work hard all year, probably, we’re assuming, well you get stuff done and that’s enough, so come and get your vacation on. You deserve it.

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